Viking Ghoulz : Clown Ghoul Fans Raffle

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Viking Ghoulz Facebook Fan Winners

1. #2066(forfeit)
2. #2016-winner
3. #2024-(forfeit)
4. #2036-winner
5. #2017-winner
6. #2040-winner
7. #2065-winner

Viking Ghoulz Red Squad Winners

1. MM
2. TN
3. MB
4. WT
5. EB


RedGuardian will be hosting Sunday a live raffle for the  the Viking Ghoulz community.

This is a secret page only for members of the Facebook group another five will be offered to five fans of the Red Squad.

The rest will go online with a different link to purchase Monday at 8 PM Eastern standard time.

There will be 26 pieces in total for this Edition.

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