Knav : Laughing at you

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All orders only will receive the Knav 9pc Pin Bundle until supplies last.

  • Limited Edition! Only 100 pieces available.
  • Hand-painted resin.
  • Balancing 6-7 inches on a resin platform.
  • Arrives with Retail Box
  • Designed and created by RedGuardian
  • Last Knav resin figure in production by RedGuardian.
Life gets us down. We keep pushing through, day after day. But sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side when life throws obstacles our way. That’s why Knav: Laughing at You should be your new best friend.

Knav is the perfect companion for any journey. Made of hand-painted Resin 100% designed, 3D created by RedGuardian, Knav is a bundle of joy. Each patch and scar woven into his design a reminder to never take life too seriously, but to laugh and embrace all it has to offer.

Knav will never make the same mistake twice...but he may make them five or six times, to be sure. That’s the appeal of Knav; despite all the misfortunes life has bestowed upon him, he’s still standing proud and laughing. With a figure like this, it’s easy to laugh along with him.

So next time life gets you down, or everything seems too much, let Knav be your reminder to step away from whatever’s bothering you and make the most of life’s moments. Take life with a sprinkle of laughter, just like the fantastic Knav.

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