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Introducing the Redguardian Designer Toy Bundle Collection! This collection of designer toys from RedGuardian is perfect for any fan looking to start their own collection or show their support directly to the artist. The bundle includes a variety of RedGuardian-branded designer items, ranging from figurines and action figures and pins. Each item features bright colors and intricate detailing that will add a unique touch to your home decor, office, or shelf. With this bundle you'll have everything you need to get started on your RedGuardian journey! Show your love for the brand with this amazing bundle collection today!

Remember all funds are reinvested into the brand so I get to make more cool stuff for you!

So get yours now and join the RedGuardian family! Thanks, everyone! <3

What you get inside!

1 x Creative Clown
1 x Chunder
1 x RG Series 1 Founders Pin Bundle
1 x "Creative Clown" Mad Spraycan Mutant by RedGuardian x Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys
1 x “Money's Calling/Clowns of Wall Street” RedGuardian Limited Release
1 x Knav : Exhausted
1 x "Can’t Contain Us” by RedGuardian x Martian Toys
1 x Sheriff Prickles
1 x Knav Lego Bootleg Special Edition
1 x Knav Lego Bootleg Variant Edition

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