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Raffle starts Wednesday July 17th on this page and ends July 24th.

$10 Raffle Ticket. Each quantity purchase is ONE entry. Purchase more quantity for additional raffle tickets.

Live Stream winner selection will be made by ORDER NUMBER.
For Example: If you buy three tickets, I will list you three times in raffle with order number for privacy.

NO CAP! tickets now purchased over minimum is donated to a local community charity and programs for materials.

Shipping cost determined after winner is chosen.

Any order over $50 will receive a special RedGuardian T-Shirt (if you like) win or lose, just pay shipping after. I will contact you after to choose size.

Trying to make this fair all around.

  • Custom Link Zeta
  • Custom Zeta Sword
  • Custom Zeta Head Vehicle into a Cuccos (Chicken)
  • Handmade Hylian Shield
  • Triforce Rupee Treasure Chest
  • Triforce artifacts gold and antique
  • Rupees of various game amounts inside
  • 8-Bit Heart on his hoodie shows he has heart! ❤️
  • Magnetically capable of holding his shield on his arm for battle or back like a book bag.
  • Blacklight Sensitive to glow on eyes and shield makes him dangerously formidable.
  • Link is made with supreme love 💝 a lot of thought and excitement was put into making him come alive on the Quiccs Zeta Platform.


The Latest iteration from the universe of Quiccs — ZETA TEQ. This warrior comes prepared for battle. Fully armored with sword in tow! 


In the late 1980s, a bizarre video game from Japan arrived in the United States and became a near-instant classic.

It starred a boy named Link, on a quest to save a princess named Zelda, in a mysterious, massive open world called Hyrule.

"The Legend of Zelda" for the Nintendo Entertainment System is now regarded as one of the best games of all time - a masterpiece work from Nintendo. What "Cinderella" is to Disney, "The Legend of Zelda" is to Nintendo.


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