Nightmare on Elm Street Ultimate Part 2 Freddy's Revenge Freddy Krueger 7-Inch Action Figure

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Freddy's Revenge Freddy is psychotic, relentless and completely unkillable. This highly articulated 7-inch scale figure features 3 interchangeable heads with disfigured facial features, 2 dogs who are sure to help him hunt you down with their razor sharp teeth and claws, a gloved hand accessory for ghastly gestures, monster hand accessory for handling the most difficult of prey - humans! The Freddy Krueger character from Nightmare on Elm Street Ultimate Part 2 comes with swappable hat that can easily be removed or replaced to depict different phases of his confrontation. For authenticity purposes, an attachable fire effect has been included which replicates the pool scene where he brags about setting more fires than anyone before him! Handsome yet utterly evil, don't let

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