Money's Calling by Sanchez Designs x Martian Toys

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Money’s Calling
From Sanchez Designs x Karmieh x Martian Toys

Standing 10” tall, this Vinyl Rich kid has his priorities straight, with a rack to his ear and a finger to the haters. Money talks and he listens while rockin his real chain and Jordans.  This vinyl tycoon don’t have time for small talk, only big money.

Comes complete in a money stack window box

This Debut Release Offers a Special Collaboration with ClogTWO for an insane Mecha Soul Moneys Calling 11”x17” Print
Ed. Of 100

  • Money’s Calling
  • 10” vinyl
  • Removeable Real Chain
  • Money Stack Window Box
  • OG Edition of 150
  • Designed by Sanchez Designs
  • Sculpted by Karmieh / Pixel Budha
  • Produced by Martian Toys
  • Ed. Of 100

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