Mister Self Indulgence BLACKBERRY by Nouar x Martian Toys

Sale price$150.00


Martian Toys and Nouar have created a dessert that has filled the tummies of the Designer Toy world and in return have gotten a resounding YUMMMM!  Mister Self Indulgence took home the win of wins at the Designer Toy Awards for Toy of the Year!  Not only that coveted award, but also was the winner of Best Production Sculpt of the Year!  This was such great news that Mister Self Indulgence was loved and devoured by so many that Nouar and Martian have jumped back in the kitchen for an extra flavor!  What is a summer dessert buffet without some BLACKBERRY PIE & FRENCH VANILLA Lil Scoopy!

This special commemorative flavor is super limited to 140 pieces and extra delicious with a fresh checkered shirt print and lovely blackberry filling.  Lil Scoopy got a fresh scoop as well with his new cup and filled to the brim with creamy french vanilla.  This sweet pair is hot out the oven and ready for your next picnic, BBQ, and Sunday Potluck. 
  • Mister Self Indulgence Toy of the Year Flavor!
  • Edition of 140
  • Comes with French Vanilla Lil Scoopy
  • 9 Inches Total Height
  • Full Production Retro Style Buttery Vinyl!
  • Comes Beautifully Window Boxed designed by Nouar too! 
  • Limited Edition and true centerpiece for any designer toy collector

Based on the Nouar’s original 2012 painting by the same name this designer toy stands (well sits) 9 Inches tall. Mister Self Indulgence comes accompanied by his little buddy - “Lil’ Scoopy” - an ice cream sundae character. He is 4 Inches in height - a great stand alone piece all to himself. You get the pair in one beautiful window box display for $150.

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