Mario Kart Hot Wheels Mix 4 2021 Vehicle Case

Sale price$54.99


Race to the finish line with the Hot Wheels 1:64 Mario Kart replica die-cast assortment! This thrilling mix features fan-favorite iconic Mario Kart characters and lets you power up your imagination with hours of racing and stunting madness. Race on your own or combine forces with friends for even more fun, and be sure to avoid any hazards along the way - just like in the game! Unlock new features and adventures as you go, and re-live all your favorite moments from the hit video game. Suitable for Hot Wheels track, too, these cars are perfect for kids who love speed and excitement. So gear up, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to blast off!

This Mario Kart Hot Wheels Mix 4 2021 Vehicle Case includes ALL 8 individually packaged vehicles.
1x Diddy Kong, Pipe Frame
1x Mario, Wild Wing
1x Luigi, Standard Kart
1x Shy Guy, B-Dasher
1x Bowser, Standard Kart
1x Princess Daisy,Wild Wing
1x Dry Bones, Std Kart
1x Yoshi, Mach 8

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