Knav : Exhausted

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Knav was so exhausted from chasing butterflies all day. Monarch butterflies were Knav’s favorite and he would never hurt one. Out in the forest, Knav really didn’t have to worry about running into anyone but spotted a single butterfly on his way home. He ran up to it. “Hi! I like you too! Can we keep each other company?” The small creature flew away giggling playfully.

Knav knew this was a sign that someone wanted him to follow so he chased after the butterfly deeper into the tree line until they both came across a giant hole in the ground with hundreds of butterflies fluttering around it going down and coming back up in different colors. Knav caught a glimpse of what was coloring them and quickly became nervous noticing a clown like figure. “Could this be…Ego..”

-To be Continued

  • 4” inches wide
  • Resin
  • 100pcs Limited Edition
  • Boxed in foam for protection

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