Knav : Aggrivated - RG Series 2

Sale price$6.99


  • Zinc alloy
  • Black nickel
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Logo: 2D with 36 color soft enamel on front side ;gritty on back side
  • Attachment: butterfly clutch
  • 100pc Limited Edition

Series 2 will focus on ‘Emotions’.

It's okay to let yourself fully experience feelings of anger, sadness, pain or wanting. Remember, emotions will come and go, and all feelings are acceptable. We can learn to feel all of our feelings, while at the same time making rational decisions as to how we want to behave. Now you can let everyone know what today is going to be like with a lovable Chunder and switch it later with a angry Knav. Unless you are feeling under the weather then a sick Chunder will make an appearance.


Thank you all for making Series 1 a success. There are a small amount of coins left, get them while you still can!

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