Kidrobot Dunny Custom : Dunny Darko

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Dunny Darko - by RedGuardian
This little Dunny dude will be for sale at MOTHERSHIP TOY GALLERY for the show 🐇What’s With All The Rabbits?!🐰

My submission, is based on none other than the movie “Donnie Darko” 😏 This is a fascinating film. But even more so because it is hard to determine whether or not it's a masterpiece of intellect or overindulgence. It has the essence of both. Is it deep? Or, merely pretending to be deep? In some ways, it doesn't matter. It's like a mirror that reflects the viewer's desires back to them. Some people see lots of meaning in every moment. Others... don't. That's what makes it so fascinating. I enjoyed the film for its dreamy logic and surreal moments. It's like travelling on a Moebius strip. It's well-directed and clever. Is it a masterpiece? We'll never know. But the ambivalence of not knowing, of defying classification, while becoming a cult classic - that's very clever. The bunny? *no spoilers* He’s Frank the Rabbit , and is a central character in the movie...those who know...LOVES Frank and is imprinted in all of us.

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