Hench "S.I.T.E" Glow Edition by Pete Fowler - Superplastic

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Hench is back! Pete Fowler's new ultra-constrained Hench "S.I.T.E." Glow Edition stands an immense 9-inches tall. Highlights sparkle in obscurity delicate vinyl, radium-safe kicks, an electroplated silver flame broil, and a XXXXL hazardous materials jumpsuit.

Shrunk by NASA to conceal tidy up top-mystery space trash from remote outsider accident locales over the American West, Hench has seen a lot of baffling gleaming items. The majority of his work is characterized. In any case, it's reputed that Hench sneaks outsider antiques for Maximillian Ca$h, who birds of prey them to toy authorities. However, you didn't hear it from us…

Special glow-in-the-dark edition.

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