Hench: It Me! Edition by Pete Fowler - Superplastic

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Hench is the second figure in the new arrangement by acclaimed craftsman Pete Fowler. The extraordinary "It Me!" version is 9-inches tall and highlights interstellar varsity coat, Wallabees, silver barbecue, and panther skin gloves.

Hench was found while maker Maximillan Ca$h's and his team were on yearlong expense outcast and design journey in Alaska. At the point when their SUV separated a sasquatch like animal emerged from a between dimensional entryway and helped them get the motor working once more.

The sasquatch, presently named Hench, was selected as full-time driver. Hench can be found in the driver's seat of Max's Escalade, lifting overwhelming items, tossing rocks, programming drum machines, and guessing individuals' thoughts.

Just 555 produced.

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