Ghostbusters Dumpster Trap

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“Ghostbusters Dumpster Trap” Custom by RedGuardian. 1/1 Prototype

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Calling all ghostbusters! Egon has a new alternative take on your favorite ghost trap. The problem is that when you need to make larger traps and don't have the space in your lab for an entire container for the bigger spirits- well let's just say there are some creative solutions here (that might not be too pretty). One idea would involve taking advantage of New York City’s ample waste management infrastructure by using one heckuva big Dumpster right near the station... 😂

👻Made using a 100 Soft Dumpster Fire vinyl toy as the base.
👻Sculpted ghost to look exactly like the movie logo in the movie Ghostbusters.
👻 Clear Resin Ghost.
👻This is the 1st made with custom LED board inside and USB port on lower back to power this Frankenstein.
👻Touch the side to turn on, change colors and more!

Another sale will go up in the near future for a small run of three pieces but made simpler. This 1/1 will be the only intricate design.

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