Ego’s Revenge Print

Type: Print Only
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The Creative Clown will do ANYTHING to help his friends but the infamous villain Ego will always try to get Knav back to his evil control. Knav is a lovable rogue who just wants to be good. Unfortunately, Knav is constantly being pulled back into the world of villainy by the diabolical Ego. However, Knav always has the support of his friends at the carnival, and together they fight against Egos attempts to control Knav. Although Knav is often damaged by his battles with evil, it always knows that he wants to be good. And as long as the carnival is there to support him, Knav will never give up.

  • 8.5” x 11” Inch High Quality Full Color Print with Watermark on Back 
  • Numbered to 40pcs
  • Option to purchase11x14 Picture Frame that includes Mat for this print.

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