Diamond Plate - Floor

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You MUST have the Ikea Detolf Shelving unit in your home for these to work the way it is intended. But ultimately you can apply them anywhere!
  • Every Shelfie is removable and reusable
  • Looks great when taking photos of your collectibles.
  • Easy to install, long term indoor use
  • Non-Slip Textured Overlaminated Matte Vinyl
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch Resistant

Are there times when your toys feel like they live in a dull, glass box? Well, break them out of that glass case of emotion with a custom made backing and flooring from MakeAShelfie.com! Within days, your collectibles shelf will be transformed to your reflect your style. Don’t know what your style is? No problem. MakeAShelfie has a wide array of styles in their portfolio to choose from, including Graffiti, Urban Elegance, and Rural Escape. Have something else in mind? Purchase a custom blank and make it whatever you like custom tailored for you.

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