Creative Clown : Portals Wall Art

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This is a custom made to order, then special cut per order. So this will be an open series until I feel like not doing them anymore lol. The material is extremely strong and durable. Place on your wall however you like, two nails to balance, sticky back, whatever works best for you as this is made to design on your wall however YOU like. Try these maybe too, its what I use.

The Creative Clown is an interesting creature that can create portals with its paintbrush to travel anywhere. It generally does this in order help people, but if you want one for yourself then it's possible!

Now you can have the clown visit your home in order to provide assistance where it's most needed! Place one piece somewhere on any wall and place another in your work area or chill spot which needs some love from the clown - voila: portals created, travel plans made...WITH the clown.

In this modern world full of stressors both big and small sometimes all we want is someone to make us smile, CC has always been that for me and many others.

Arrives on a aluminum composite that consists of two thin sheets of Aluminum enclosing a Polyethylene core making it super durable and forever lasting.

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