TURTLENECK Vinyl by Trashbury - Glow in the Dark

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Standing with bad posture at 5” tall, this lil guy is made to be anything it wants!

Fitting somewhere between design art figure and 90’s gross out toy, Turtleneck finds it’s vibe as a 3d art platform any creative weirdo to scribble on and come out of their shells.

Knocking around in Turtlenck’s protective comforting shell are loads of costumer changes, superpowers, battle hear and imagination. Unsure of his potential, yet empowered by the forces inside clamoring to get out, Turtleneck’s confidence to take on a life could use a helping hand! With your creativity, Turtleneck can become whatever, whomever whenever.

Will the pressure be too much for this little guy? Will he use that shell for good or evil? You decide!

  • 5” Vinyl Toy

  • 3 Points of articulation, the arms, and neck

  • Available in Painted, Pink and 3 Pack

  • Original design by Trashbury

  • Sculpted by Ghostfox Toys

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