Chunder : Water Balloon Edition

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  • 30pcs Only!
  • Glow in the Dark!
  • Special Care Package
  • Double Cast resin in resin.
  • Limited Edition
  • Colorful Resin Figure balloon 3 inches tall in addition to wire base.
  • Arrives with Wire Base
  • Independent Art Toy Designer

Due to the hand-made nature of these pieces, slight variation may occur from piece to piece. This ensures that each piece is unique in its own way.

The story of Water Balloon Chunder is a summer story.

One lonely day...on a particularly hot summer afternoon Chunder was feeling exceptionally sweaty and bored. In the far distance Chunder saw a small glimmer a reflection of sorts that was not familiar. The glimmer looked called its was...enchanting. As Chunder slowly made its way toward the glimmer, it wondered why was the sun is resting on the floor. Has the world come to its end? Has the sky fallen? It stared at the glimmer of the sun so low, deciding what to do. As its mind started to race faster and faster, knowing it had to do that quick instant it jumped at it... thinking maybe I could wrangle the sun and return it to the sky...people always say to “reach for the stars”, here I go...jumping right into the fiery light he quickly realized its mistake, it was not the sun, but only a reflection on WATER! As Chunder slowly floated there wondering how it was going to escape, the movement started to bring on a wave of nausea and delirium started to set in. Floating there endlessly, in order to entertain itself Chunder stares at the thinks, “that cloud looks like a shark! I bet if there was a real shark in the water it could help and bump me outta here...sigh....” time passes and as the sun beats down on it, it slowly stripped away its beautiful red color, creating a clouded clear coating. Ultimately creating it into a water balloon......exposing its insides to the world. A moment of silence comes over Chunder, similar to a wave in the ocean. Reflections, “Just as the water reflects the stars and the sun, the body reflects the mind and the soul” and it starts to glow! It’s new cloudy clear coating now exposed its true inside self...... it was no longer a reflection. Chunder was bright and free.

Chunder is the introvert of the gang of characters I made up. They will all eventually meet up and become a team of odd wonderful misfits fighting evil or who knows 🤭 Chunder though, is secretly the most powerful and you will learn why soon enough.

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