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  • Double Cast resin in resin.
  • Limited Edition
  • Colorful Resin Figure balloon 3 inches tall in addition to wire base.
  • Arrives with Wire Base
  • Independent Art Toy Designer

Due to the hand-made nature of these pieces, slight variation may occur from piece to piece. This ensures that each piece is unique in its own way.

The story of Chunder is an interesting one, a continuing story of sorts.

The skull silently yearns for the magical feeling of friendship. After being alone for so long, it’s ultimate dream is to conform to something to make itself more attractive, attractive enough to make friends; as it feels like it is not worthy enough on it’s own. After observing behaviors and trying out different forms, it thinks “maybe I can be a balloon, everyone loves a balloon!”. It climbs inside one and transforms its personality to something it likes to call “Chunder”. Chunder floats around for a while, (a little uncomfortable but tolerable) it notices that it is starting to attract people. Thoughts start to churn and thunder in its head, Chunder thinks “this seems to be working!”. However, the more time it spends in this balloon cacoon the more sick it feels. Little by little vomit starts to seep out of the side of its mouth. The uncomfortable and nauseating feeling seems to be minimal to the joy of entertaining and finally getting what it’s always wanted......friends. The wave of joy slowly starts to subside day by day as the horrible wave of sickness starts to overcome it. It slowly starts to realize that it should not subject its self to pain and discomfort just to make others happy. Just as fast as it made the decision to conform to the balloon, it made the decision to no longer suffer at the cost of fake happiness and friends. It climbs out of the balloon and decides to embrace the saying “what will be will be”......but much to its surprise the people surrounding it, embraced its change of form, as they loved its true form more than the fake one.

A story of “being yourself”.
Chunder is the introvert/ambivert of the gang of characters I made up. They will all eventually meet up and become a team of odd wonderful misfits fighting evil or who knows 🤭 Chunder though, is secretly the most powerful and you will learn why soon enough.

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