Bodega Blade : Dega - Baseball Furies Edition Custom

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Bodega Blade : Dega - Baseball Furies Edition - Re-imagined by RedGuardian is a 1/1 - One Off

~Dynamic Auction Starts July 3rd 7am and ends July 5th 1:01am at www.redguardian.comEveryone gets a chance with no "Sniping" Time restarts 60 min at last 30min of auction if someone bids. You MUST have an account at my website to be in auction~

  • Comes with a redesigned weapon, the "RG Slugger" Bat his peacemaker!
  • A platform resembling the Upper West Side of Manhattan sidewalk, colloquially referred to as "Riverside" by New York's gangs, as their territory. 
  • A 1979 NYC Train map on the floor as garbage tagged by the Warriors and by RedGuardian.
  • Based on the fan favorite; Main Lieutenant "Thurman" of the Furies.
  • Special Train Map Poster 1/1 Signed.

The Baseball Furies, or simply the Furies, are a fictional New York City gang in 1979 in everyone's favorite movie "The Warriors" . They are a group of real major leaguers who bring their A-game to every rumble. Packing bats and plenty of muscle, the Furies rep stretches through every network in NYC.The Baseball Furies are predominantly German, Irish, Italian and Polish. The whole gang wears baseball uniforms and carries baseball bats. When wearing their 'warpaint', they are never heard to speak; which adds to their frightening presence and mysterious intentions.

~Warriors Story~ After being accused of killing Cyrus, president of the Gramercy Riffs, The Warriors soon have every gang in New York City out to get revenge. The turf battle rages from Coney Island to the Bronx as The Warriors fight to make their way back home.

This is the highly detailed 7" resin sculpture of Bodega Blade ("Dega") who helps run his family's bodega in the Bronx, while fighting the busters and miscreants from his neighborhood in his spare time!

FU-Stamps is designed, developed and produced by Rios Palante.

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