Block Party - RedGuardian 1/1 Wall

Sale price$299.99


3 blocks and 6 end caps creating roughly a 7x7 inch canvas front & back with sides and top. Front has a live streamed painted Creative Clown and behind a bunch of posters that would’ve been up in NYC in the early 90s/80s with a few made up.

Martian Toys Presents:
Block Party
Custom Vinyl Mural Walls
"Clown Wall"
Acrylic on Vinyl
ComplexCon 2021 - Long Beach, CA

Martian Toys is pleased to introduce Blockbusterz — a modular and ever expanding set of street art brick blocks. Stack them vertically with corresponding built-in magnets and connect them horizontally by interlocking the sides and cap off your Blockbuster off with the end caps!

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