Banana Skinny Cap DIY White vinyl figure by Playful Gorilla x Tenacious Toys

Sale price$30.00


The new Banana Skinny Cap DIY platform by Playful Gorilla is his stylized take on a classic. With a cool play on words, of course the Gorilla and Bananas are a perfect combo! The Banana Skinny Caps are a 5” tall customizable platform that come in a limited run of colors offering plenty of space and options for working with aerosol, airbrush, paint pens, stencils or even your favorite clay. The Banana Skinny Cap DIY is a giant-sized homage to the graffiti scene and all those giants that came before us.

  • 5" tall, 5.5" wide
  • vinyl
  • polybagged with header card
  • DIY white will be an open edition
  • designed by Playful Gorilla
  • produced in by Tenacious Toys

In the photo gallery are Skinny Caps customized by Cash Cannon, Keverones and Mr Mars Studios.

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