Art-cohol - Custom Limited Edition - Coquito

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Art-cohol - Custom Limited Edition Coquito 32oz
🍹 Available November 27th 12pm est.

  • Numbered 34 drinks/pieces
  • 32oz Security Closed
  • Custom curated flavor only made for this release
  • Chunder Mini Ice Cubed Clear Art Toy
  • Custom Art only for Art-cohol Release
  • Shipped with shipping icepacks as drink needs refrigeration
  • Not for kids

The holiday season just isn’t the holiday season in Puerto Rican households if there isn’t a bottle (or more) of coquito available for sharing with friends and family. Much like what eggnog represents in many homes, coquito is the holiday drink of choice in Puerto Rico. A delicious, creamy blend of coconut, spices, and rum, each coquito recipe differs from the next, with each chef adding their own touch to this holiday recipe. While there are a variety of Puerto Rican coquito recipes for you to choose from this holiday season,
You'll definitely want to try this custom-flavored, coquito made by Tai the mixologist and myself. We like to think outside the box but inside the bottle here; with my post months ago we went back and forth multiple times until it was perfect for you!
The drink has a unique apple caramel flavor and executed so carefully that it will be sure make your holiday season merry (trust when I say we did not skimp on quality liquor here as you know from my Twitch I love my drinks 🥃 )
On top of this there's also an exclusive art design with only 34 being printed out on these limited edition drinks - don't miss out with the next edition of Art-cohol as another will not be sold once sold out.

Arrives with a special limited release of Chunder Mini Ice Cubed.


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