12” MegaTeq Custom - Wonderball Edition

Sale price$400.00


12” MegaTeq : Wonderball Limited Edition 15pcs Numbered and Signed on foot.

Available at www.RedGuardian.com Friday August 21st 12pm EST

You might remember when you opened the box, unwrapped the foil, and cracked open the chocolate ball to reveal a tasty candy tucked inside. Well, that feeling is back. Back by popular request we have this style on a Quiccs 12” MegaTeq.

Tastiest non-edible candies ever made! A clown, Teq head, RedGuardian Scribe, and a Bulletpunk logo.

Comes hand packaged with packet of candies for YOU to make your own display of a 12” MegaTeq Wonderball Teq inside stomach and head. Custom box and Limited Edition signed Poster. Get in on the fun as it’s the last Wonderball on this platform🤡

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