The Creatives : Trading Card Project

Type: The Creatives Box (24 Packs/144 Cards)
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The Creatives : Trading Card Project was strategically curated to bring you a wide range of creativity in the form of colectible trading cards.

The Creatives : Trading Card Project is a unique and innovative way to collect and share your favorite pieces of creativity. This carefully curated collection features a wide range of artists, creators, and innovators from across the globe. Whether you’re an artist yourself or just love to admire and collect their work, these trading cards are for you!

Each card in the deck is packed with information about the creator, as well as beautiful artwork or photography. Trading cards are now even more exciting with the ability to ‘collect’ the Creative by having them sign in a space specifically for them. The Creatives Trading Card Project is the perfect way to discover new talent and celebrate creativity. Order your deck today!

Included in the packs are DIY cards! Show off your skills and make a DIY card with whatever media your used to. Or take it one step further by having other artists create art for you at cons or shows.

Collaboration cards are included in packs. Ever wanted to collaborate with your favorite artist? Well here’s your chance! Some artists have started to illustrate your card and now it’s your turn to finish it. Color it, add your own characters, be creative! Sign your name on the back to make it official then send it to the artist digitally.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 200 cards to collect.
  • 58 Creatives from around the world
  • Minimum 3 cards from each Creative
  • One foil for each Creative
  • Lenticular Cards (animated cards)
  • DIY cards
  • Collaboration Cards
  • Made with high-quality paper
  • Made in the USA

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